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Hi There!
I'm Anna Karena

I am an intuitive, abstract artist based in Minneapolis.

My work spans across multiple mediums including painting, mixed media, and beadwork.


Art is my personal vehicle for self-discovery and I am thrilled to have you here to join me on this journey.

Please take a look around my site and let's connect!


My Process

I follow an intuitive process and I begin each piece without a goal for the end result. I begin by making unplanned marks on the canvas. I respond to each brushstroke and color treat with a new mark, engaging In a dialogue with the canvas until it reveals its plan.

I use my art to navigate my journey of self-discovery. As I work, I meditate on life's universal questions: "Who am I? Why am I here?" Eventually, the canvas answers back. ​By following this process, each canvas tells a story, evokes emotion, and offers a glimpse of genuine human connection.


An Open Journey

Vulnerability is a core aspect of my work, which is why I choose to share daily progress updates of my unfinished paintings on social media. This sharing invites viewers to engage with, interpret, and hopefully connect with specific images and nuances in my evolving artwork.


Each change in the painting allows participants to experience and understand the significance of releasing attachment to any stage or outcome of the creative process, taking everyone on a collective journey. 


Art without Waste

In my studio practice, I set a goal to create with zero waste in order to make my work both economically and environmentally sustainable.


I use high-grade mixed media paper as a paint palette. This both saves paint and creates unique art pieces from the palettes themselves, which are either showcased as standalone art or and collages.

No matter the method or supplies I use, I'm always looking for new ways to run a  fully sustainable, zero-waste practice.

Get in Touch

1720 NE Madison St, STE 200

Minneapolis, MN 55413


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Thanks for reaching out!

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